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LEMA is letting our Hospital partners know we are here to help.

LEMA is sharing what we did at one specific hospital, to prep and prepare for potential positive COVID-19 quarantined patients. The Hospital didn’t want the air-quality to get into the interior hallway and corridor. Therefore LEMA cut, opened and prepped an exterior wall and glass, we then installed a louver and mesh to run an air-scrubber to the outside.
LEMA donated this work to help mitigate costs and time. The work was done quickly because we are currently working at this Hospital. The Glass company we used marks and tags the glass panes and will be storing the glass at their warehouse until reinstallation.

LEMA Negative Air ScrubberLEMA window negative airLEMA Window Exterior HospitalEdge Guard 


Yurina Rojas, LEMA Construction’s Chief Revenue Officer is a dedicated board member at AdventHealth of Carrollwood. The Community Care Fund needs donations and every dollar counts! As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, this fund provides immediate support for equipment, supplies and other lifesaving resources that help AdventHealth care teams and patients during this challenging time!  Thank you – your generosity heals.