LEMA Will Plan, Coordinate, And Control Your Project From Inception To Completion.

As Consultants, LEMA Construction provides invaluable services during your projects planning stage including site Investigations, document review, scheduling, budget development, and permitting assistance. LEMA Construction utilizes Timberline SAGE Construction Management Software for its cost control and reporting functions. This system helps track job cost reports and tracks cost by job segment, phase and cost code.
Preconstruction Checklist:
  • Initial meeting to discuss the project
  • Planning the design
  • Estimating costs and offering cost-saving options
  • Managing project scope
  • Identifying potential issues & outlining solutions
  • Determine any options for value engineering
  • Site selection and study feasibility
  • Evaluating soil condition on site
  • Checking existing utilities
  • Determining equipment required
  • Check for green building options and viability
  • Life-cycle analysis
  • Outlining contingencies for both client and contractor

LEMA’s Preconstruction will remove a lot of the unknown variables and give you a clear picture of what the project is going to look like, how it is going to get done, and when it will be completed.

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