Design-Build Services

LEMA Provides Full Design-Build Services For A Collaborative Team Approach.

Design-Build Services
As a Design-Builder, LEMA acts as your single point of contact for total project delivery. This method provides our clients with an efficient way to obtain timely, cost effective project delivery. LEMA puts owners, architects, builders, engineers and estimators together bringing the best ideas to the table paving the way for creative solutions to take hold, resulting in cost minimization, schedules streamlined and efficiencies.

  • Collaboration – LEMA offers an operational environment focused on collaboration, integrating all team members throughout design and construction.
  • Efficient operations –  LEMA has a strong management team with recent, practical and relevant design-build knowledge from broad portfolio of projects.
  • Balancing time and money – LEMA analyzes all components of the cost equation simultaneously to determine the best solution for the optimal outcome. The result is a facility that achieves your objectives and stays within the schedule and budget parameters.
  • Integration of technology – LEMA maximizes technology to provide thorough analysis of phasing, evaluation of design and scope features, as well as promote collaboration among all team members.

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