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We take pride in our work, people and clients.
Our Mission is to provide our clients with the best construction services built on quality, reliability, and timeliness. We take pride in offering our team members career growth opportunities that promote self-development, high performance, and personal satisfaction.

LEMA Construction has developed an outstanding reputation with its clients throughout the state of Florida from design to completion. We provide construction management services for every phase of the building process, ensuring the best possible product regardless of the type of project delivery method used. We apply effective management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time & cost without infringing on quality. Our goal is to not just meet current needs but to strongly position you for the future.

While the LEMA team has many responsibilities as Construction Manager, safety is at the forefront of every task we undertake. LEMA’s current EMR Rate is .89 and we have over 15 years in business with NO complaints on our license.

100 years
500 projects
30 coworkers


We build in multiple sectors.

Established in 2005, LEMA Construction & Developers, Inc. has developed an outstanding reputation throughout Florida. Born and raised in the Tampa Bay Area, Johnathan Stanton gained the knowledge of working in construction from his grandfather, a master carpenter. He instilled in Johnathan that you will always need the right tools for the right job.

At just fifteen years old, Johnathan acquired a job over the summer working in construction hanging drywall at Mt. Zion Church. Johnathan spent a lot of time with his grandparents, Lester & Marie, who helped raise Johnathan, Lester was Native American from the Seneca Tribe, and Marie was German. They instilled good work ethics in Johnathan and were the inspiration behind LEMA’s name, using the first two letters of each of his grandparents’ names — LE (Lester) MA (Marie) LEMA Construction was born.

Johnathan Grandparents