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Safety, Bonding, Insurance & License

LEMA Construction is committed to maintaining a safety process which actively involves all employees in identifying, preventing, and correcting workplace safety issues to reduce accidents and injuries. While the LEMA team has many responsibilities as Construction Manager at Risk, safety is at the forefront of every task we undertake. While working on your project, it will be our primary goal to provide safety for occupants, users, visitors and your employees in addition to our construction team.

As Construction Manager, we must assure that the entire project area is phased and staged to prevent possible hazardous tripping, falling, slipping or exposure to falling objects. In addition, the complete project area, interior, and exterior must be maintained, monitored and abated of any possible environmentally hazardous solid, liquid or gaseous materials. Our safety efforts will be carried out in the most expeditious manner possible to assure the project’s occupants and users are disrupted as little as
possible during construction.

LEMA’s current EMR Rate is .89 and we have over 15 years in business with no complaints on our license.


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